About Us

Where to Buy Apollo Products?

Apollo products are sold exclusively through our network of authorized dealers. To purchase Apollo product use our Cart2Quote system by adding a product to your quote where you can select one of our authorized dealers to send your quote to. Or contact an authorized dealer directly.

Light Your Way

Lighting the way on stage.We specialize in brilliant solutions – literally. For a third of a century, Apollo Design® has been one of the world’s leading innovators, manufacturers, and distributors of gobos, fixtures, color filters and related equipment and accessories for the lighting profession.

Engage our team in illuminating conversations on how to effectively and affordably use our award-winning product array or design custom solutions. Let our specialists help you create the lighting experience you envision.

Together, we can create light your way.

Mission & Values


Apollo Design® Technology, Inc. focuses on brilliant lighting solutions. We collaborate with clients to create and execute the most effective and appropriate lighting for their events and business needs. Our expertise is in consultation that inspires and delivers intriguing effects.


Design, Creativity, Innovation, and Service are the values that set us apart.

Our Promise

Brilliant lighting solutions define us. We promise:

  • To help you successfully realize the lighting experience you desire.
  • To excel in lighting solutions for all events and business needs – theater, bands, touring companies, television, films, museums, architainment, retail and architecture and more.
  • To encourage unconventional, imaginative thinking.
  • To deliver superior quality and value, achevieving impressive effects on-budget.
  • To provide unparalleled support, from the initial conversation to after-sales service.

Apollo - The Horse

Apollo - The Horse Named after the Greek god of sunlight, prophecy, music, and poetry, Joel and Keersten Nichols' favorite horse Apollo inspired the name for Apollo Design Technology, Inc.® The name implies the fusion of intellectual horsepower and elegantly conceived candlepower that characterizes the company.

“Apollo was very personable,” Keersten says. “Everyone who met him – horses and people – loved him. He was part of our family for 23 years.” One of her favorite memories of Apollo involved his weekend employment for a horse-drawn carriage service in downtown Fort Wayne. “One evening,” she recalls, “his driver forgot to tie him up. Apollo figured this was the perfect opportunity to quit work early and go home. When the driver came back, Apollo and the carriage were at the far end of the street – hung up on a fire hydrant. Apollo had successfully jumped the hydrant, but the carriage had not. Joel and a friendly policeman helped free the carriage so Apollo could get back to the barn for dinner.”