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Apollo Search Tips

For best results please try the following suggestions for a more successful search:

  • When searching for a gobo pattern or gel using the part number as the search criteria, please only enter in the numbers. For Example:
    • You wish to find AP4200, only type 4200. Less is more.
    • You wish to find gobo pattern MS-1020, only type 1020.
  • When entering a pattern description in your search criteria do not include the type of product in your search. For Example:
    • You wish to find a clock gobo, only include the word clock.
  • Avoid using hyphens.
  • Avoid using plurals, the search for "flower" will return more results than "flowers".

Apollo Search Tools

Not only is the search bar embedded within the banner on the Apollo website, you can also use our Navigation Bar, or vist our Products page included in the menu near the top of the page to help you along the way.

Apollo Search Provider

Apollo Search Provider If you are using Mozilla Firefox 2/3 or Internet Explorer 7/8 click here or on the Apollo logo to the right to add Apollo as a search provider to your web browser. Search providers allow you to search their site from anywhere on the web. All you need to do is type in what you are looking for in the search area press Enter and you are on your way. Click here to see how to choose Apollo as the search provider after you have added Apollo to the seach provider list.

Apollo Quick Launch

Here are 40 useful links to some poular searches.

20"x24" Sheet Red Flower Tree
24"x24" Sheet Blue Weather Smart
2'x25' Roll Religious Gel DMX
2'x12' Roll Water Sport Holder
Power Fire Dot Holder
Tape Cloud Symbol Pink
Breakup Green constellation Dichroic
Space Yellow Texture Sign
Building Wheel Rotator Happy
leaves Animal Scroller Wedding
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