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Spotlight mini Luminaires

miniFresnel Discharge miniFresnel Halogen miniFresnel LED 50W miniLED RGB MiniLED Warm White
miniPAR miniProfile Spot Discharge miniProfile Spot Halogen miniProfile Zoom Discharge miniProfile Zoom Halogen
miniProfile Zoom LED 50W mini Accessories

Uses / Applications:
The miniSpotlight architectural luminaires are ideal for any situation where one can appreciate the quality of light alongside the unique technological design of these products.

Features / Benefits:
The range and flexibility of the compact Spotlight Minis allow lighting designers to express their creativity to the fullest. From creating soft shades and producing contrasts to highlighting details and projecting images in retail displays, museums, restaurants, and houses of worship, there is a Spotlight Mini lumiaire to get it just right.


miniFresnel: The miniFresnel luminaire produces a cone of light with an adjustable beam of angle. It gives an even field of light with soft edges. As the miniFresnel can concentrate the light on a single object via barn doors or obtain a wide, diffused flood of light, it is particularly useful for lighting window displays, exhibits, or illuminating objects of different sizes by simply adjusting the focus. Design flexibility is extended by the miniFresnel's acceptance of color filters.

miniProfile Spot: The miniProfile Spot projects a circular beam of light with variable sharp or soft edges by means of the four dedicated adjustable shutters. Accepting a gobo, the miniProfile's beam focus adjustment provides flexible pattern options, making it ideal for projecting logos and shapes in an array of retail and exhibit environments.

miniProfile Zoom: In addition to the miniProfile's beam shaping capabilities, the "zoom" model modifies the projection beam by adjusting a pair of objective lenses of different focal length. A color filter frame provides additional design flexibility.

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