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Do you need to get in touch with us? Need to request some marketing materials? We're always happy to field questions from our site readers and from others around the industry.  Apollo is also on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You can reach us by using the following methods:

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Apollo Design Technology, Inc.
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4130 Fourier Drive
Fort Wayne IN, 46818
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About Apollo

Apollo's Facility Since its founding in 1992 by Joel and Keersten Nichols, Apollo Design Technology, Inc. has gained a worldwide position in the production and distribution of special effects products to the entertainment lighting industry. Establishing itself early as a leading producer of custom gobos, the company has expanded into other related products used by lighting designers to create stimulating visual effects for theater, corporate events, concerts, houses of worship, and architectural applications. No matter the product, the Apollo brand is recognized as one of innovation, quality, and value always backed with the highest level of service.

As a strong supporter of the dealer business model for product distribution, Apollo's philosophy is to simply exceed its customer's expectations in every facet of the business relationship. The owners maintain a culture and invest in the people and the processes necessary to support their core belief that mutual success depends on building strong dealer relationships and end user satisfaction.

Dealer Support Staff

Apollo Design Technology has been fortunate to attract an outstanding group of professionals. It is the combined talents of the Apollo employees that produce the synergy that is the core of Apollo's success. Listed below are the Apollo representatives that interact on a daily basis with the Apollo dealer network.


Alissa Knepple Alissa Knepple is the first contact for anyone calling into the Apollo facility. Alissa is knowledgeable about the responsibilities and whereabouts of everyone on the Apollo staff. She will direct your call to the person best suited to assist you.

Business Development and Customer Service:

Keith Kankovsky Keith Kankovsky ( Business Development.

Rita LeFavour Rita LeFavour ( Customer Relations Specialist.

Milad Khouli Milad Khouli ( is the Senior Executive - International Sales. He travels the globe identifying and pursuing international business opportunities.

Brandi Hite Brandi Hite ( is the Customer Service Manager. She plans, coordinates and controls the activities of the customer service team to maintain and enhance customer relationships.

The Customer Service Team is here from 8 am to 7pm to accept and schedule your orders into production.

Mary Harrison
Mary Harrison
Rachel Arroyo
Rachel Arroyo
Kelly Sandberg
Kelly Sandberg
Teresa Adam
Teresa Adam
Annette Melvin
Annette Melvin

Human Resources:

Keersten Nichols Keersten Nichols ( is the Human Resources Manager. Keersten is the person to contact if you are interested in coming to work for Apollo.

Marketing Group:

Charlotte Heaston Charlotte Heaston ( is Apollo's Marketing Director. Charlotte is responsible for the development and execution of the business's marketing and communication strategies.

Crystal Ross Crystal Ross ( is the Marketing Assistant for Apollo. Crystal is responsible for coordinating tradeshow and marketing functions as well as supporting the marketing staff on implementing marketing tools and programs.

Technical Development:

David Stauss
David Stauss

David Stauss is part of Apollo's Technical Development Department, focusing on product engineering. He takes care of troubleshooting, maintenance, product development and technical support on a day to day basis.


Brenda Walters Brenda Walters, the friendliest bill collector in the industry, manages Apollo's accounts receivable.

The Owners:

Joel & Keersten Nichols Apollo Design Technology is proudly owned by Joel & Keersten Nichols. Their ambition to realize the American dream has not only enriched their lives but has offered the knock of opportunity to Apollo's dedicated staff and provided a much-needed alternative for those in the lighting industry.


Apollo Apollo Design Technology was named after Joel & Keersten's beloved horse, Apollo. After providing love, companionship and much enjoyment for the past 23 years, Apollo passed away April 22, 2009.

News Archive

Feel free to browse the Apollo News Archive below.

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